Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Things About The Avengers Movie

This blog is my personal blog. Everything that's posted here are all MY opinions. If you don't agree with my list, then feel free to post your rant in the comments section.

Here are my 10 thoughts/ opinions/ observations about The Avengers Movie

1. When I was in the waiting area, almost 80% of the people there were wondering why Jason Bourne is in the movie. And probably all of them also asked, "Who's Hawkeye?"

2. I saw people lying down on the carpet at the waiting area. (True story)

3. Bottled water was sold out in the food booth. I guess people are starting to lean on the healthier side of life.

4. I saw a ridiculous number of kids at the lounge area. Kids are so lucky today. They're enjoying the awesome benefit of our growing technology.

5. The 3D glasses today are now more comfortable to wear. It fits my eyes perfectly. Unlike the previous ones, the glasses distracted me a lot. I always had to hold it because if falls. It's all because of my small nose bridge.

6. Old women are willing to cut lines just to see Chris Hemsworth's guns and Chris Evans' chicken breast.

7. The movie itself was hilarious. It was really funny. Kind of a risky move for Marvel though. It was "too" funny. Steve Rogers (Captain America), Thor, Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Agent Coulson, and most especially, Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), didn't have that fun factor in their own respective movies and cameos. I was really surprised (I can't stop laughing on this one) when Agent Coulson talked to Captain America. People who've watched the movie know what I'm talking about. He was the cap's biggest, creepiest, and funniest fan.

8. I heard people shouting, "War Machine should be in the next movie!" Based on the interwebz, the Avengers have different "universes" or in Juan's terms, storylines. In some universes, Tony Stark was War Machine. But most of the universes refer to Col. James Rhodes as War Machine. So I really don't know if War Machine will be included in the next Avengers movie. I guess it depends on which universe they're going to follow.

9. People stayed on their seats for a couple of minutes just to see Marvel's famous end-credits scene for the movie. Marvel's really famous at this. But this time around, the scene came out after the cast summary (What do you call that anyway? It's like a credits roll but for the cast). Anyway, the theater tricked the people by opening the lights inside. But when the end-credits scene started, they turned it off. SM truly is evil. Making us wanna miss one of the best parts of the movie

10. Almost 50% of the people (including me) didn't trust the end-credits scene that was shown after the cast summary. We all waited for the whole credits roll to end. So what did we see? Marvel's humongous logo and a plain blue background. Show's over folks.

BONUS: I'm assuming that about 40-60% of the people who've watched the movie are not familiar of who the next villain is. He's actually one of the most feared villains in the Marvel universe.

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