Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feel the Rot: Wrath of the Titans Review

Persius' first adventure in Clash of the Titans lacks in character story. Expect the same thing on this one.

My friends and I anticipated this movie a lot. We've been talking about it ever since we saw its trailer weeks ago. The trailer is very convincing actually. When I saw the trailer, I quickly told my friends that it'll be WAY better than the previous one.

Stunning visual effects are of course, expected out of the movie as it has impressed a lot of critics in its previous installment. The movie's 3D effects were dramatically improved over its predecessor but in nearly every aspect of the movie, actors and actresses failed to deliver decent acting.

Greek mythology enthusiasts may not like the movie's story line. It's loosely based on the Greek myths of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.

The good thing about this movie is that not everything went so damn fast. We got to see 3 cyclops (8 minutes), the Chimera (5-8 minutes), and the Minotaur (4 minutes). Unlike the first movie, we didn't get to see a lot of titans/monsters. If you're hungry for more titans, you can check out Disney's Hercules.

There's one thing that really sucked about the movie though, the "Final Boss" was defeated easily. It's like what happened to the previous movie (Clash of the Titans). The story line was very predictable. And that's what made the movie rot. Also, Wrath of the Titans is a visual equivalent of white noise. I can't even tell who's slashing who.

Others might like it but I was expecting more character stories. Heck, they didn't even tell the history or background of the "queen".

It's a good thing that my friends and I watched this in a digital theater instead of IMAX. I would like to thank Angelo Ching for saying that watching it in the IMAX theater is a waste of money. Thanks bro. You saved us from spending 2,000 pesos.

The ending of the movie was a bit interesting. Based on how it ended, it looks like there will be a "War of the Titans".

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